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video The Interactive Media Design department hosts a yearly Burst session with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. 2 years ago it was about Gaming. We decided to form a group through a Personality Test. The leader choose those who best fit their idea of a game. We decided to make our game about ants. These ants had to work together to score points, so to say it is a multi-player game. The sessions only last a week, and we only had time for the Character, Level and Logo Designs. The mechanics are still in progress. Team members: Lauren Spencer (Creative Director) Fahmy Shahin(Story), Maya Yenna(Level Design) Sarah Abelnica(Graphic Design), Asami Kiuchi (Logo Design) and me (Character Design and Animations). made with: <<back
Autodesk Maya Unity5
process video: